Friday, November 03, 2006

My Different Schools

I have been to many different schools when I have not been in this one, the farthest I can remember is the school I was in in Cleveland, Ohio.

When I went to school there I was maybe about eight years old, I remember eating lunch with my best friend who was a boy. Since he was a boy and we were small at the time, the other girls were always telling us we liked each other, I know I didn´t like him because he was too short.

Then I moved to L.A., or more specifically, Burbank, but it is close to L.A. There I remember going to a school called Roosevelt Elementary, named after the president I guess. At that school there were many, many bullies, I never have trouble with them, because I am very big and they are scared of me, but my friends did have problems with them and I always had to defend them. At that school I had some problems because my best friend was gay. His name was Sasha.

After that I finally moved to Seattle, I liked that school because we had three recesses, also, people were very friendly, I hadn´t learned much in Burbank, but in Seattle I learned a lot. Like I said in another post before, I had a best friend named Shada there.

I also whent to two schools in Miami and in both of them I had almost no important best friends, but I can remember that the cafeteria food was disgusting and unedible.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Message of The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street

The message of the story called The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street is that when we face a problem, we must stick together to solve it instead of fighting and trying to find a scapegoat. The aliens tried to turn the citizens of Maple Street against each other and they succeeded by only turning the power off, at the end of the story when Figure one told Figure two what they had done, he said that Maple Street wasn´t the only street that reacted that way, on all the streets in which he had turned the power off, the same thing happened. Throughout the whole story, people are blaming and accusing each other, like when Woman one accused Charlie because the lights in his house turned on, or when Charlie shot Pete Van Horn just out of suspition that it could be somebody dangerous.

The message of the story is still very important today, not exactly in the way that it is in the story, but also like, when you are given a very hard assignment with a group that you don´t like very much and you don´t get along with, what you normally do is whine and panick because you think that you are never going to finish the assignment, but sometimes, if you work very hard to get along, you can finish and get a good grade.

The stry is very good, but very old and from that time to now, some things have changed, now people are more calm, and won´t try to find a scapegoat that fast. they also would find a more resonable explanation for the blackout, like in the new show they made of it, the reason was terrorists.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

My Family

My family is a very important part of my life, so I'm going to write about them. I'll start with the youngest and work my way up.

The youngest is my baby sister Ashanty, she is two months old and her birthday is August11. When my mom told us she was pregnant it surprised us a lot. My sister is very big compared to other babies her age and she eats a lot.

The next person is my sister Ashlyn, she is eight years old and her birthday is on
September 28. She is very active, and that is good in some ways, but bad in others, including that she is always jumping on things, and sometimes even on people! She also likes to dance.

I am the oldest daughter, my name is Alexandra, I'm 12 years old and my birthday is October 21. I like to read fiction books because nonfiction books bore me a lot, like once I tried to read a book about animals sitting on a chair and I nearly fell asleep! Most people think I am too big for my age too, like my sisters.

My parents are the oldest, my dad, Jolbert, is older than my mom, Delbys, but their birthdays are on the same day, December 8. My mom and dad are both very tall and that's why me and my sisters are tall. My dad is a baseball player, and my mom has a job too, but I don't know exactly how to call it. My parents are very fun and are strict only when it comes to grades.

A Piece of The Sun

"Lets get into the pool!" said Patricia. It was hot, and she and her friends had been working on they garden in her backyard all day, so she thought that going into the pool would be a nice reward for all of them.

They got into their bathing suites, but as soon as they touch the water, " Ouch!" They all shout in unison. "What in the world is wrong with this water, I could've burnt my whole leg off!" said Avery. " And what is that?"

"What is what?", says Roxane.

" That shiny thing in the pool.''

" Oh wait, yes, I see it, do you think it´s what could be causing the heat in the pool?", said Patricia.

"How would I know?"

" I'll go find out what that thing is before you guys start fighting", said Roxane, and then she jumped into the pool. At that moment, the girls were sure she was going to get burnt to death, but when she came out, she was miraculously uninjured, and was carrying a strange, shiny, yellow beetle-like animal.

"Oh my God! Are you OK?" Patricia asked her friend.

"Miraculously yes, somehow, the minute I touched the water, it lost its burning heat and I could easily swim to the bottom."

"Well, good, at least you´re okay."

"Let me see that animal," said Avery as she took it out of Roxane´s hands.

"What could this pathetic, disgusting thing be?" asked Avery again acting like the little brat she was by insulting a little animal only because its species wauknownwn to her. "It is so weird and stupid, and why does it glow liktheha, owwww! It bit me!" At taking the chance that it had the girls distracted, the animal jumped off Roxane's hands, and took off running for the front yard.

"Look, it's running away, get it!" And the girls started running after it.

When it got to the front yard, it stopped and looked at the sun. At that second the animal started to get brighter, and brighter, and so bright, the girls who were watching nearby were nearly blinded!

" Wait a second guys, I have an idea", said Roxane, and she bravely takes a trash can, sneakily gets behind the animal, shoves it in the trash, and puts on the lid before the animal realized what was happening. The animal started to move a lot in the trash can, but after half an hour, it finally stopped. Whe they opened the lid, they found that the animal inside had been replaced by a note that said:

Congradulations! You are heros! that animal was an
escaped piece of the sun who was going to burn the
Earth. By putting it in the bin you estinguished it's
light, ending it's life.
The Sun's Messenger

Friday, October 13, 2006

My Life In Seattle

Like I might have said before, my dad has been traded to many baseball teams, in many places, but one of the ones that I liked the most was Seattle. There, he played for a baseball team called the Mariners. We had been about two days in L.A., on the 2nd year he was playing there, when he came home one day saying that they had traded him again, and in two days he was expected to be in Seattle, Washington. I acted all sad about it on the outside, but on the inside, I was completely happy because I was bored with living in L.A., it was so dull. The next morning we were ready and drove nonstop, all the way to Seattle. Once I saw it, I fell in love with it, it is a very beautiful city, everything looked so clean and alive.We staid at a Marriot hotel for about two days, but then we rented an apartment in a place called Kirkland. I loved Seattle, but Kirkland was the best it had very nice evergreen trees, and sometimes you could see the outline of one of the mountains in the backround, it was very beautiful.

In a place close to it called Bellevue Square, there was a mall, and in front of it, they were making a building, it looked like it was going to be beautiful, and I wished, and still do, that when I grew up, I would live in a building as beautiful as that one. Anyway, the mall was amazing! It was very big. Actually, it was so big, that I spent months going there, but never got to see it all.

Baseball games there were also exciting, the stadium was closed, but everytime the team won they would open the roof and shoot fireworks.

The school year had already started there though, so about a week after I got there, my parents sent me to a schhol that was so close, I could walk all the way there from our apartment. The school was called Lakeview Elementary. It was a nice school, the teachers were nice, and the students were very nice, but I think that the best thing about it was that its food was edible, unlike most schools I've gone to in the U.S. have had. What was also very cool was that it had three recesses.

My grandmother in the summer and we did lots of things, like everymorning, we whent walking somewhere and on the way, we passed by trees that had rassberries, blackberries, and blueberries. I passed the summer doing things like that, I also whent to the beach, and many parks.

Then school came again, this time I was in 4th grade. I made a very good friend called Shada. She and I were together almost all the time, we did homework together, went to the mall together, I invited her to baseball games, and we both got into the basketball team and went to the practices together too.

In the time that I was there, I also took ballet class and I was going to do a recitle. But I broke my fingers so, I had to do the recitle with a cast on, when I took it off, my hand was wrinkled and pale, and sweaty, it was disguisting.

When I finally had to leave, I was extremely sad because I loved Seattle and I was going to miss Shada a lot. But I couldn't convince my parents to stay there forever so we left. Thankfully Shada had given me her phone number so we stayed in contact and I went home.

Haunted House!!!

1Once, 2a couple of years ago on Halloween, I had such a wrong holiday that I just had to write about it so I could get it out of my system. It all started with a haunted house we were doing at my school in Japan. The haunted house was going to have 3dead people, crawling things, slimy things, everything disguisting and scary that you can imagine! It was definitely going to be a haunted house that people would remember for many years after. I was so nervous when everyone was going too see it, but I was also excited because I knew we had done a good job and that everyone would like it.4 In line, I talked, I screamed to scare everybody, and I skipped a couple of slow people. In the Haunted House, everything whent wrong, people said it was5 boring, not scary, and obviously fake. That made me sad because I had worked so hard on thatHaunted House, but I knew that there would always be a next year. 6Sadly, I didn't go back the next yearbecause my mother was pregnant. 7After the haunted house, we left Japan. 8Leaving Japan, I wondered if I would ever hae such a bad holiday again.

1-introductory yes, no, or interjection
2-series of independent clauses
3-series of objects
4-series of modifiers
5-series of phrses
6-introductory adverb clause
7-introductory prepositional phrase
8-introductory participial phrase

Friday, October 06, 2006


Last year, I went to Japan. I had a lot of fun there, but gettin there was also fun. Let me start from the beggining. Before last year, my dad asked us if we would like to go to Japan and we were like "Cool, yeah!"But we seriously didn´t believe we were going to Japan. My dad said they offered him a job playing baseball there. I didn´t even know people played baseball in Japan, I thought they sumo wrestled, or did karate, or something like that. So I didn´t believe him. But I did later because about three months after, he was on an airplane, headed for Japan.

That summer, I was also going, I was excited, but kind of afraid also, because the flight was about 10 hours long! But we had to go to Seattle, Washington to go on the plane from there. So, we started in Miami, Florida. From there, we drove to Orlando, Florida. There, we got on a train and one day later we were in Los Angeles, California. There, we stayed in a hotel for a day. The same day we got there, my grandma got there, she was going to Japan with us. The next day, we rented a car, and drove untill my mom got tired of driving and we stopped at a hotel for the night. The next day, we got to Seattle at last!

The next day, we went to the airport, there, we got on an airplane destined for Japan. The airplane was really big. Ten hours later,. we found ourselves in Tokyo, Japan. To me, Japan smelled really weird, literally. We stayed in a hotel were everything seemed too small, the beds were small, the bathroom was small, and the toilet was weird, it had all these buttons that warmed the seat, or made the toilet spray you with water. That day we ate in a restaurant were a person cooked in front of you, this was a tepanyaki restaurant. I had gone to one of these restaurants in the U.S. but here, the food they cooked there tasted way better.

The next day we got on a train that in English was called a bullet train, because that was how fast it was. Even though it was extremely fast, it still took four hours to get to Fukuoka, which is a city in Kyushu, which was were my father was working. That same day we met my dad after the baseball game which was so cool because in Japan, baseball is like the second-favorite sport after sumo, so everybody was very happy. After the game we went to the apartment, it was really weird also, but at least not everything was small, so it was more comfortable than the hotel. That night we ate pizza, but it had this weird stuff in it so I didn't eat much.

After my grandma left, my mom, my sister, and I were left alone for long periods of time because my dad was playing in another place. My mom didn't like to drive the car because she thought it was too small so, we bought bycicles and went everywhere on those. We even went to the see movies on our bikes, we weren't afraid that anyone would steal them because things rarely got stolen there.

That's how we spent our summer, when my dad was here and we needed to buy something, we had to drive all the way to Costco, which was really far away.

Soon the summer was over, and I had to go to school. We lived right in front of the international school, so transportation wasn't going to be a problem. When I started school, I was more nervous than when I start other schools because I didn't know the people nor the language that they talked. Later, I didn't know why I had been so nervous, everyone was very nice and I made a lot of friends. I got in the volleyball team, and everything was great.

But about two months later I had to leave because the baseball season was over, I knew I would miss my friends, but at least I had a good time.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Problems! Ugh!

Nobody´s life is perfect, that´s why everyone has problems. Well, I don´t know about you, but I have like a million problems to solve every day. Most of the time, when it is just a mild problem, I just don´t try to solve it, because to me, time solves everything, so I just wait, and in a little bit, the problem will just be solved without any effort from my part. But when the problem gets bigger, I start to get very annoyed, but I just stop for a second, and think about ways to solve the problem, almost always I end up solving the problem. But when I´m under pressure to solve someone else´s problem, I start to get stressed, because it is very frustrating to solve another person´s problem when you already have your own.

Let me tell you about some of my bigger problems, most involving my little sister, Ashlyn. She can be a pain, we´re fighting, most of the time, and even though she´s smaller, she almost always ends up winning, and I almost always end up locking myself into my room, away from her. Bigger problems happen to me when I procrastinate to do some kind of school assignment that was given about two weeks before.

I have to calm myself down when it comes to problems about homework, because when it gets to that, I start to panick. Like once, last year, I had a project due four weeks after the teacher had told me to start it, and the day before it was due, I was still starting the project, and waisted most of my time and energy panicking, but then I told my mom and she helped me with the project and we finished it, I anly got a B, but at least I finished it.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

My Baby Sister

On August 11 this year, my new baby sister was born. I was there.Ididn't sleep that night. I woke up at about 3AM that morning because the birth was scheduled to be at about 6AM that morning, and it takes us about 2 hours to get ready. When I was ready I went and woke up my mom.
My sister, Ashlyn, didn't go to the hospital with us because she was too small. When we were all ready, we whent to the hospital. I had to wait in the waiting room while my mom was having the baby, it felt like a really long time before I fell asleep.
About an hour later, my grandmother woke me up telling me to go see the baby. I was really excited, but I couldn't find my glasses, I almost started to cry because my glasses I wouldn't be able to see her well, but my grandmother found them for me. I ran to go see my sister before they took her in the room, on the way I tripped, fell, and my shoe fell off, but when I saw my baby sister, all this was worth it, becaus she is the most beautiful baby I had ever seen!
My mother named my sister Ashanty, after a singer in the U.S., and in my opinion, she is the best baby ever!!!